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7 Secrets Revealed by Your Financial Advisor

You rely on your financial advisor to help guide your portfolio towards your goals. But did you know that there are several things you can do to take control of your financial picture today and into the future?

Here are 7 secrets revealed by our advisors that will help you stay on solid footing without having to be a financial expert:

  1. Knowing where you are financially makes all the difference. Money can be stressful to manage, especially if you’re not sure what your current financial picture really is. Taking a good, honest look at your income vs. debt responsibilities, opportunities to save and invest, and financial outlook will take the fear out of money management and increase your confidence when making financial decisions.
  2. Small changes go a long way. Should you really charge an expensive dinner to your high-interest credit card that already carries a balance? Even small changes in spending habits can improve your savings and investing flexibility.
  3. Carry insurance but hope you never need it. No one wants to think about bad things happening to themselves or their family…until they’re forced to. Being prepared with the right insurance will ensure you’re prepared for anything life throws at you and will keep your financial picture stable in times of crisis.
  4. There is no official time to start investing. If you haven’t started investing yet, the best time to do so is NOW! Even starting with a small amount will reap rewards in the long run. But the longer you wait, the more you have to lose.
  5. Numbers are important…but not as important as relationships. Financial advisors go beyond numbers to learn what’s really important to you and your family. By developing this relationship, you’ll be able to take a more active role in your investing and feel more like a partner with your advisor.
  6. Keep it real. Remember: your financial advisor works for you. If there’s something you don’t like or are unsure of, tell them about it. They want you to be happy and will make adjustments until you’re comfortable with how you’re positioned and how you work together.
  7. One step at a time is okay. You don’t need to jump into investing and planning with both feet. It’s okay to take your time and find out what works best for you until you’re ready to fully dive in. Your financial advisor has the tools and techniques to help ease you into the marketplace at a pace that works for you and enable you to make better decisions.

To learn more about how you can better control your financial picture, call your financial advisor today. We’re here to help!