“A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform”  

Diane Mariechild

As women, we tend to wear many hats. The ones we have inherited, the ones we have decided to wear, the ones that society or culture forces us, and the ones we have been delegated to as family members. By hats, I mean roles. We are in charge of so many things in our lives. The “to-do list” keeps growing, and that’s why we are always tired. 

Can you relate?

There is no doubt that we, women, can definitely multitask and handle multiple projects at once. There is no doubt that we can achieve whatever we want. The thing is that we don’t need to. 

It is time to understand that although we can do everything. We don’t need to. It is time to have some self-compassion and look for help. Delegate. Communicate. Find a support system that can back you up. In that way, you can get some time to pamper yourself too. 

Financial Goals 

It is not about working harder; it is about working smarter. We have the power to create. So, let’s create a team that works in our favour. FORTAX is here to be part of your team. FORTAX is here to help you with your financial needs. FORTAX offers you a team of experts that can guide you to achieve or transform your financial goals. Whether it is making sure you get the maximum return on your taxes, guiding you to a range of options to invest your well-earned money, or choosing the right insurance that suits your needs. 

Contact FORTAX as soon as possible to answer all of your financial questions. Also, we can prepare your taxes while you enjoy the best customer service there is, and why not, while you get a little bit of that very appreciated “me” time. 


A woman who has learned to delegate, build a team and let FORTAX do the work!

A woman who is creating a team for the win!