Add Stability and Support to Your Life

If something awful should happen, how will you support yourself? Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance works when you can’t. It provides monthly benefits if an illness or accident should derail your working life. This money is typically tax free.

Most workplace LTD policies pay a monthly benefit for up to two years, usually at 60% of your salary, depending on the policy. If you have this insurance, ask your FORTAX Financial Advisor to review it and help you understand its features and any restrictions that could work against you.

Private LTD insurance offers continuous stability and far more support, paying up to 80% of your salary. Coverage can extend throughout your career, to the age of 65, after which your retirement benefits will start.

You’ll lose your workplace insurance each time you change jobs. On the other hand, with your own LTD insurance you can have peace of mind that you will be protected, regardless of where you work.

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