Demonstrate Your Success

Most established businesses offer group benefits, and most employee’s expect them. For a growing business with a tight budget, you might wonder if it’s worth the cost. Investing in a good benefits program helps attract and keep top employees. It can greatly enhance the prestige and success of your business.

When your business offers benefits, it shows that you believe in your company. Your success is demonstrated; you have the finances to afford benefits and invest in your work force. It presents you as a great employer, which in turn attracts excellent employees.

So, make your group benefits work hard in the hiring arena. When you make an offer of employment, the salary is only one part of what you are proposing. Also include your valuation of the potential employee’s group benefits and other perks, such as a pension plan. Your FORTAX Financial Advisor can help you estimate these non-salary items.

Put it all in that employment letter. Depict clearly what you are offering, so that your prospect can see all the benefits of working for your established, successful company. Employees have come to expect group benefits. Use this to your advantage by including their value in your employment offer.

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