Is Cryptocurrency A Good Long-Term Investment?

Investing in cryptocurrency is a hot trend. It can be highly profitable, but you can also find all your money is unexpectedly lost. Is digital currency right for your portfolio? Yes, if you reduce the risk with strategies that safely turn this emerging asset class to your advantage.

Cryptocurrency exchange traded funds (ETF) are a great option for long-term, stable investment in the digital currency market. Traded on a regulated exchange such as the NYSE or TSX, these ETFs can diversify your portfolio with lower risk and fewer difficulties compared to cryptocurrency itself.

Many of these ETFs include stock in companies which research and develop blockchain technology that’s used for cryptocurrencies, but also in other industries. You can gain exposure to the broader crypto market without the hassle of using a cryptocurrency exchange.

Your FORTAX Financial Advisor can show you which cryptocurrency ETFs offer solid investment potential. These funds also provide investment safety and security. They are free of the risks associated with managing your own crypto wallet.

For new investors, such ETFs offer the chance to enter this asset class with less cash than purchasing bitcoin directly. Crypto ETFs are growing in popularity for these reasons.

Use the right cryptocurrency tactics to create a safe, diversified portfolio. Your FORTAX Financial Advisor can help you develop the best strategy.

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