Joint Insurance Is Affordable

Taking out a joint life insurance policy is generally less expensive than two individual policies and offers some unique, strategic benefits. There are two options, identified according to the terms of the payout: joint first-to-die and joint last- to-die. Each has different uses, depending on your insurance needs.

You want permanent life insurance to protect your family, but two individual policies aren’t affordable. Consider a joint, last-to-die policy. It pays out only after the second spouse has passed away. A permanent, joint last-to-die policy lowers the cost by about half, compared to separate policies. Ask your FORTAX Financial advisor to show you how much you can save.

This policy is also great if one spouse is harder to insure because of a health issue. It’s much easier to qualify for joint life insurance. Taking out a joint last-to-die policy will protect your family and leave a legacy for your children. This option provides the support you want, without breaking the budget.

Ensure your family will never be faced with a precarious financial position. Ask your FORTAX Financial Advisor to help you plan today, for their security tomorrow. It will give you peace of mind from knowing they are well protected.

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