Life Insurance Creates Certainty in Uncertain Times

One of the harshest lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic is how truly uncertain life can be. Take a moment to realistically consider how your family will manage if you weren’t in the picture. It may be uncomfortable to think about, but ensuring their protection means doing some smart, advance planning.

Preserve their future
You’ve worked hard to create success, and your lifestyle shows it. Surrounding your family is ample evidence of the good life you’ve made. If you passed away, would your grieving family also lose the economic stability they know?

Life insurance can support your family in many ways. It’s not just about replacing income. You can ensure that substantial taxes and probate costs don’t steal their means to continue living as they do. Ask your FORTAX Financial Advisor to help you calculate how much insurance you need to make this possible.

Your life insurance policy pays out immediately. It keeps assets within the family, providing the funds to pay all the taxes. Take, for example, the family cottage. If it has dramatically appreciated in value, your children face a hefty capital gains tax on their beloved summer home. The death benefit from your life insurance will ensure they can easily cover this cost.

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