Lock In Your Gains with High Performance Investments

In today’s volatile market, it’s a great time to invest in segregated funds because of the financial protection they offer as they grow in value. These insured investments provide satisfying performance along with the comfort of knowing that your money will always be insulated against whatever global disruptions might occur.

Because your fund is being professionally and expertly managed, you can expect its market value to continue growing, providing you with a sizeable investment at its maturity (usually 10 years). This is similar to how mutual funds appreciate.

However, you enjoy the added comfort of knowing your fund cannot decline in value. Because your segregated fund is insured for up to 100% of the original amount you invested.

Your policy will also include a great feature that protects the growth of your investment. When your fund is showing a satisfying increase, compared to its original value, you can choose to ‘lock in’ at this higher amount.

Your FORTAX Financial Advisor can help you determine the best time to opt for this ‘lock in’ feature. This will give you the benefit of knowing that those satisfying gains will also be protected against an unforeseen, damaging market correction.

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