More Than The Rent

Mortgage Is Not A Dirty Work With Rental Property

Buying rental property is not just about the tenant income. Choose your purchase for its overall potential as an appreciable asset. Look for the one with untapped potential. The house that offers the best chance of rising in value through simple cosmetic upgrades. Consider how improvements to the thermal efficiency and amenities might improve its assessed value. Or adapt a house to a different use. You could convert a bungalow into a duplex; municipal laws often permit this. Or create additional revenue: add coin laundry appliances to a multiplex property. Create a 5-year study. The return on your investment comes from your net cash flow, plus how much you own in equity through paying down the mortgage, and how much the property has appreciated. Is the property you’re considering worth it? Ask your FORTAX Financial Advisor to help you calculate the net impact of owning it. Turn the cost of your home into greater wealth; shrewdly leverage its equity to buy rental property. Your FORTAX Financial Advisor can help you develop your plan.

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