More Than Your Pension

Your pension may not give you the comfortable retirement you’re hoping for. If this is what you want, then plan it with the help of your FORTAX Financial Advisor. Develop a clear picture of how much after-tax income you’ll need. This sets your goal. It gets you thinking about how you can turn your carefully built assets into future revenue.

Your plan must be tax efficient. Not all passive income strategies have the same tax burden. Your Advisor can help you keep more of your money.

There are non-traditional sources you could tap. Such as a whole-life insurance policy. Already tax-sheltered, your policy can generate tax-free income through a leveraged loan that is paid off upon your death.

This is ideal if you are a high-income earner, frustrated at the limitations of your pension options. This and other passive income tactics will augment your income so that you have what you need.

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