Power Up Your Group Benefits with Health Spending Accounts

When it comes to supporting the health needs of your employees ̶ and your own family ̶ a health spending account (HSA) offers more flexibility and financial power compared to group benefits. The HSA meets today’s consumer demand for custom tailored services while providing impressive tax efficiencies and advantages.

HSA beats group benefits.
A Health Spending Account is your cost-effective solution for health insurance. These benefits are fully tax deductible to the corporation and are received tax-free by the employee.

Group benefits were developed to support an employee’s physical and mental health, build morale, and foster long-term loyalty to a company. But the inflexible, separate categories often leave an employee frustrated, knowing they cannot fully spend their benefit; that their needs aren’t being met. The HSA provides one pool of money to spend according to the requirements of each plan member. Today’s consumer is used to custom-tailored solutions, and traditional plans don’t provide the value, flexibility or features they want the most.

Your FORTAX Financial Advisor can show you how an HSA provides significant financial advantages for all corporations, including self employed individuals. With no premiums, hidden fees or deductibles, and far more coverage options, the HSA is now the popular choice.

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