Take Control of Your Finances with Manulife’s All-In- One Account

Imagine a banking system that streamline your banking while making your mortgage work harder at creating wealth for you. This innovative, ‘all-in-one’ account turns your income into a powerful debt-reduction strategy while the accompanying low-interest, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) conveniently covers all your expenses. Welcome to Manulife ONE.

With this account, your income and debts are combined. All your cash flow automatically goes toward your debt, immediately reducing it and saving you interest with each deposit. You don’t need to transfer funds from one account to another, and you’ll never miss a mortgage payment.

Use your debit card to cover daily or unexpected expenses; it’s accepted at all banks. Pay bills with no-fee e-transfers, or online banking.

Your account also features a pre-approved HELOC (secured against your home). This gives you instant access to money as you need it. In place of a high-interest credit card, use your HELOC. You’ll pay a fraction of the interest for outstanding balances.

Plan a payment strategy with your FORTAX Financial Advisor to prioritize high- interest debts. Or combine them into your HELOC, if possible. You choose what works best for your finances. and you can change your plan as your finances change.

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