Try To Get In Early

Think back to a decade ago and the investing strategy you were following. If your wealth has been growing, it’s because you had some sort of plan. Right now, your next 10 years of money moves have begun. How can you make the most of the time ahead?

As an investor looking for a great opportunity, the news is your best resource. Read all the information coming across your desk with a critical eye, toward spotting trends with lasting potential. Discuss these with your FORTAX Financial Advisor and identify the ones you think are worth following.

Business news and financial reports will reveal the emerging players in sectors you’re carefully following. Keep on the lookout for an opportunity to get in early with a growing company you like.

IPOs (initial public offerings) are the first time a privately held company will sell shares to outside investors. This is a powerful way to raise money quickly: cash to invest in development, pay off debt, or launch new products. It represents an ambitious shift in the way a company operates.

Such plans are supposed to be kept confidential. But investors hear about, and act on them, all the time.

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