Which Premiums Are More Affordable?

Life insurance ensures your family is protected. It offers peace of mind: your loved ones will be safely supported. But how do you choose between term and permanent life insurance? It depends on your budget, how long you need the coverage and your long-term plans.

Term life insurance provides economical, temporary protection. Depending on your age, health, and the amount of coverage you need, a term policy may cost just a few hundred dollars a year.

However, your policy will expire. If you still desire life insurance coverage you must negotiate a new, or extended, policy. You will be older; your health may have changed. Your premiums will be a lot higher. Your FORTAX Financial Advisor can show you how much they might increase. People often don’t continue with term life insurance because it becomes too expensive.

Your family is more likely to get the death benefit from permanent life insurance because it actually becomes more economical as the years go by. Just as the initial cost of a mortgage feels weighty at first, but then becomes more manageable as your income grows, the same is true for your commitment to a permanent life insurance policy.

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