Decide to Invest Smart Now!

Setting financial goals and milestones is a great idea. But it will be ineffective unless you have a clear investment plan to help track your progress. This is a critical step to achieving your long-term financial objectives. Without it, your money goals are no more than wishful thinking.

Based on your financial goals, develop an investment plan with your FORTAX Financial Advisor and then commit to it. Align your plan with your investing timelines and your level of comfort with taking risks.

This is your map, helping you identify why you are holding an investment and how to approach different market cycles. Following your plan offers you clarity in your investing, taking out the emotion that can cloud your thinking.

Diversification is a crucial component of reaching your long-range financial goals and managing risk. Ensure you hold investments in different sectors. If your investments are focused on only one industry, a disaster in that sector will have a profound effect on your entire portfolio.

Be sure to include a variety of assets, such as bonds and stocks. Each reacts differently to adverse events, so a combination of asset classes will reduce your risk exposure.

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