Tap Into a Great Tax Strategy with Annuity

You can create a carefree retirement strategy, with no risk of running out of money, by purchasing an annuity. These safe investments are financially backed by Canada’s insurance companies. They allow you to simply enjoy life, with a guaranteed monthly income and no worries about managing your money.

For high-net-worth individuals, purchase your annuity with non-registered funds. This gives you some great tax planning while offering a stable income stream to support your retirement. Called a prescribed annuity, it’s structured so that you will receive back the same amount of interest and capital yearly, evening out the portion of your annuity income which is subject to tax. The original capital has already been taxed; you only owe on the growth portion of the money you receive. Your FORTAX Financial Planner can show you how to leverage this to your advantage as part of your overall tax planning.

Power up your estate planning by putting the tax you save toward a life insurance policy for the same value as your annuity. It will effectively return your money back to your estate upon your death. In this way, the annuity provides monthly income while the capital you invest is also secured.

Create a carefree retirement with guaranteed income through investing in an annuity. Your FORTAX Financial Advisor can help you plan this for the greatest success.

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