Investment Protection

In today’s market, there aren’t a lot of guarantees about investing. What will happen if you face a market downturn just as you expect to withdraw your money? Segregated funds insure against this, offering good investment returns and the comfort of knowing your money is protected.

Because your segregated fund is being professionally and expertly managed, you can expect its market value to continue growing. When that growth is substantial, you can increase the amount of your policy’s guarantee level (the minimum value you are guaranteed to get back at maturity).

Your FORTAX Financial Planner can explain how this feature can benefit you. Even if the markets decline during the contract period, your guaranteed value remains at the newly set level. If the markets rise, your savings will continue to grow until your policy’s maturity date.

Protect your money just as you protect your other valuables. Ask your FORTAX Financial Advisor to show you the many surprising benefits of segregated funds.

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