Privacy And Estate Planning

In today’s market, there aren’t a lot of guarantees about investing. What will happen if you face a market downturn just as you expect to withdraw your money? Segregated funds insure against this, offering good investment returns and the comfort of knowing your money is protected.

Because your segregated fund is an insurance contract, the proceeds are paid directly to the beneficiaries you name. The money bypasses the expensive, legal probate process, and the privacy of your estate planning is protected.

The results of probate become a public record, which can make a stressful situation even harder on your loved ones. With segregated funds, your personal affairs will remain confidential. Ask your FORTAX Financial Planner to show you how this is achieved.

Segregated funds also help you create generational wealth. Normally, the probate process results in estate fees and taxes, diverting considerable amounts of your money into the government’s coffers. However, Segregated funds are paid directly to your named beneficiary without these expenses. Your fund preserves more wealth for your family’s benefit. This benefit can usually result in greater savings than the cost of the additional management fee.

These benefits are on top of the comfort of always knowing your investments are protected from a market downturn as they grow steadily for the benefit of your heirs.

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