Knowledge is Key to Success with Bonds

The value of mutual funds, stocks, and other securities can fluctuate dramatically, but high-quality bonds offer a guaranteed rate of return. They also provide passive income, with low risk, and their value will typically increase at a time when other asset classes are declining.

Bonds aren’t insured. You are depending on the ability of the issuer to repay the bond at maturity. You can reduce your risk by purchasing your bonds through your FORTAX Financial Advisor. You will gain the advantage of knowledge ̶ about the issuer and also the prevailing market conditions.

Your bond’s value will be inversely linked to the current interest rate (for example, it will increase as the interest rates drop). By purchasing bonds when interest rates are predicted to drop, you create the opportunity to profit from this.

Your Advisor will discuss your options, including your desired rate of return and the bonds which can help you achieve this. Together, you can build a portfolio mix of corporate and government bonds, with varying terms and coupon rates (interest rates). If you want to sell your bond before it matures, your Advisor can guide you about choosing the optimal time.

Develop a strong, resilient portfolio by including government or corporate bonds. Your FORTAX Financial Advisor can help you leverage this asset class for your benefit.

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