The Trend and The Potential of the Crypto Market

Investing in cryptocurrency is a hot trend. It can be highly profitable, but you can also find all your money is unexpectedly lost. Is digital currency right for your portfolio? Yes, if you reduce the risk with strategies that safely turn this emerging asset class to your advantage.

The allure of huge profits; this is why investors are both intrigued and wary about cryptocurrency. What’s the best way for you to get in on the action? Investing in cryptocurrency is considered very speculative. It is best suited to high-risk investors with a good understanding of this asset class. The market is largely unregulated, where wildly fluctuating prices and security issues can increase the risk.

A safer option is to leverage the expanding selection of crypto-focused exchange traded funds (ETF). You can affordably add cryptocurrency to your portfolio without the headaches and security risks of managing it yourself. Your FORTAX Financial Advisor can guide you about the best ETFs for your needs.

Canadian cryptocurrency ETFs allow you to hold your investment within a tax-sheltered account. Your Advisor can show you how to make crypto part of a shrewd tax strategy that maximizes your portfolio performance.

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