Managing Risk

In today’s volatile market, it’s a great time to invest in segregated funds because of the financial protection they offer as they grow in value. These insured investments provide satisfying performance along with the comfort of knowing that your money will always be insulated against whatever global disruptions might occur.

Many strategists believe the financial markets are responding with greater instability these days. Unforeseen global events could, without warning, suddenly bring more wide-reaching consequences for investors. Now is a good time to safeguard your money.

What if, in your future, you find yourself facing a market decline like the one during 2020? At that moment you could have an urgent need of money for your retirement. Or you might be pursuing long-range family plans. A shocking decrease in your financial cushion could come at the worst time.

Segregated Funds protect you against such market volatility, providing a guarantee of up to 100% of your original investment. Ask your FORTAX Financial Advisor about how this guarantee works.

You can effectively manage the risk in today’s volatile market. Now is the best time to buy segregated funds for the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investments are protected.

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