Prevent Investment Loss with Segregated Funds

In today’s volatile market, it’s a great time to invest in segregated funds because of the financial protection they offer as they grow in value. These insured investments provide satisfying performance along with the comfort of knowing that your money will always be insulated against whatever global disruptions might occur.

Protection against perilous times
In early 2020, the U.S. stock market plunged as the world saw the spread of a virus that many thought they’d only see in dystopian fiction. called the economic fallout of Covid-19 a stock market crash. One so dramatic that the New York Stock Exchange was forced to suspend trading, several times, between February 20th and April 7th.

Just 2 years earlier, in 2018, the market experienced another destructive decline. This one followed a 10-year period of relatively stable growth; but in 2008 there had been another frightening market downturn.

Could this all happen again? Are you willing to bet your fiscal future that it won’t? If it comes at the wrong time, it could be personally devastating for your finances. Segregated funds provide insured protection against such volatility.

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